Transforming The Data Center

Data Center Transformation allows organizations to improve operational efficiency and agility by modernizing data center infrastructure and automating the management and delivery of data center resources, either as an end to itself or as part of larger IT Transformation initiatives.

What is Data Center Transformation?

Data Center Transformation drives greater agility and cost savings with modernized infrastructure elements that can deliver improved performance, often coupled with reduced power and cooling requirements. In addition, Data Center Transformation frees up staff time previously dedicated to maintenance activities, allowing more human capital to be focused on innovation and new business-centric projects.

Why should I consider Data Center Transformation?

Established organizations typically contend with traditional systems that house critical data. These systems are far less efficient than modern systems, requiring time-consuming manual interaction to manage or update. Modern All-Flash storage arrays and converged or hyper-converged systems are far more efficient due to their substantial performance capabilities, improved power and cooling envelopes and enhanced manageability. While most IT organizations may not have the luxury to rip and replace all existing systems in favor of modern infrastructure, phased implementation when deploying new projects or during planned refresh cycles can still result in sizeable operational cost savings.

Benefits of Data Center Transformation

Data Center Transformation is a straightforward process of infrastructure modernization and the utilization of data center management automation to:

  • Improve IT agility
  • Deliver greater IT efficiency
  • Reduce manual-intensive maintenance activities
  • Optimize power and cooling
  • Reduce operational costs