ICT Infrastructure Services

ICT Infrastructure Services

As a leading supplier of informationsystems, we perfectly understandrequirements for ICT infrastructuredesign and operation – in orderto meet the client’s overall ICTrequirements.

  • We design an optimal ICTinfrastructure solution for eachinformation system, to reducehardware acquisition costs.
  • We provide ICT infrastructuresolutions which can adapt to futurecapacity and performance needs.

We deliver and provide added value services, such as training courses, performance and disaster recovery testing or monitoring.

We take on the responsibility for the operation and support of the mission-critical ICT infrastructure we are assigned. We strive to eliminate problem situations and elements. Our careful documentation and sophisticated methodology means we can pass the ICT administration back to our customer or to a third party at any time.

  • We carry out migrations of large information systems and data, including the frequently unavoidable migrations across different architectures.
  • Based on a thorough analysis, we design and efficiently execute data center consolidations in order to improve the efficiency of ICT operations.